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4 Must Have Working Dog Equipment

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A lot of service dogs wear a lot of gears, but it is not always compulsory to wear some specific gears. Based on their end use or workability, the gears are worn like a vest, harness or jacket. Also, these gears give them a separate identification and distinguish them from other dogs.

Cape Vests: These vests are quite common and easily worn by any size of the working dog. It drapes the dog from across the shoulders and back and with the help of straps it lets the vest hold at its place and provides comfort moving to the dog. This versatile gear comes in a lot of fabrics like cotton, nylon, canvas, mesh, etc. Cape vest is relatively inexpensive and is available in many sizes.

Ruffwear Webmaster: This professional harness has a wide space for adjustment so is adjustable to any dog size. This harness is very useful while training a dog. Bigger dogs can use that harness to even pull a wheelchair. The harness comes in two colors, that is red and gray, so one gets an option to choose the right fit color.

Cape Harness: It is quite similar to cape vest but its different construction makes it sturdily built. The handle to this harness is removable. These harnesses are available in a lot of colors. Sometimes it looks funny at different breeds and can be made creative by using tie and dye technique.

Pulling Harness: These harnesses are specially built to pull or move the wheelchair, wagon or the other heavy material. The dogs are trained with the Y strap harness that gives a good grip throughout the dog’s body.

The first dog training school was set up in Germany during the First World War which was helping in aiding the injured soldiers.

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