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Dog Sports & Sports Gear

Amazingly Fun Dog Sports and Sports Gear For Your Beloved Pet

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Some of the interesting Dog Sports Equipment


Large Exercise Ball – These are large exercises balls, which are mostly known for yoga, rehabilitation and Pilates but they are dog sports equipment too. Exercise balls help in strengthening your dog. They also enhance their reactions, balance, reaction, and stamina. These exercise balls are not only used for exercising but also for playing in their own style of Soccer.

Motorized treadmills – To keep them active by regular walking and running Motorized treadmills are the best options for your dog’s health. Motorized treadmills are one of the best dog sports accessories.

You can make them pursue a treadmill exercise that can help in toning up, and increase muscle. The regular treadmill is a great dog sports gear that can increase and improve the quality – the life of your dog. The dog would take time to get comfortable and at ease on the treadmill.

An agility course is aka obstacle course – It consists of various pieces of dog sports equipment that makes a good course of therapy for the dog as well as the master. It consists of items that are easy to discover, a teeterboard, a tunnel etc. one can either purchase a full course or budget course or may self-design it.

Skijoring– Skijoring is an uncommon or rarely heard by anyone. In this sport, a dog pulls a person on skis. This sport requires hardly any dog sports gear only for the towline a dog harness is to be worn by the dog that helps in pulling the skier.

Dog Extreme Sports -Maintains Mental and Physical Health Of Your Dog.







Sheepdog Trials: Herding – it is a thrilling sport, in this, the head instructs the dog to move livestock (using sheep, ducks, cattle) without hurting them in a specific direction.


Protection Dogs: Schutzhund – it is one of the most conventional and popular dog extreme sports. The sport involves a great level of concentration, effort, and coordination between the dog and leader. It improves and inculcates obedience, tracking, and protection.


Obstacle Courses: Agility – it is the most admired dog sports in the world. It involves a series of obstacles to overcome by the dog on the instructions of the leader.


Dance with your Dog: Canine Freestyle – it is one of the latest and impressive dog sports. It is enthralling to watch well – choreographed dance sequence between a dog and its master. Indeed, it is very difficult and typical form of dog extreme sports, as it involves significant creativity and skills.


Canicross Training – it is an interesting dog extreme sport, in which dog and its master run together, connected with a strap being attached to the master’s waist and dog’s chest harness.

Top 10 Sports and Recreation for dogs video




List of some of the dog sports accessories

Heated Training Vest
Agility Chute with Stakes
Agility Weave Poles
Agility Tunnel
Agility See Saw
Agility Dog Walk
Agility A-Frame
Hyperflite Jawz Disk
Tether Tug
MCRS Super Ball
Dog Trotter Treadmill


List of Some Of the Other Dog Sports

There is a wide list of sports available for these amazing companions of humans. Let us consider the list:
Messenger service
Obedience competition
Dog frisbee

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