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flyball for dogs

Flyball for Dogs Flyball for Dogs are really sports loving animals and they really love to play various kinds of games with their trainers. The outdoor activities are useful for keeping the dogs energetic and healthy. Hence, different kinds of dog sports are recommended for pet dogs, among which flyball competition is considered to be the foremost.   Procedures followed Read more…

obedience dog

  Dog sports and competition obedience helps to keep your dog active and intelligent. Canine competition obedience is a real and competitive dog sport for canines that takes place within a course specially designed for canine dogs. I stopped by an obedience training camp a few years ago. I remember just being amazed. They make jumps, travel over different hurdles, Read more…

dog agility border collie

Some of the interesting Dog Sports Equipment   Large Exercise Ball – These are large exercises balls, which are mostly known for yoga, rehabilitation and Pilates but they are dog sports equipment too. Exercise balls help in strengthening your dog. They also enhance their reactions, balance, reaction, and stamina. These exercise balls are not only used for exercising but also Read more…

A lot of service dogs wear a lot of gears, but it is not always compulsory to wear some specific gears. Based on their end use or workability, the gears are worn like a vest, harness or jacket. Also, these gears give them a separate identification and distinguish them from other dogs. Cape Vests: These vests are quite common and Read more…

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