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Dog Sports – Competition Obedience

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Dog sports and competition obedience helps to keep your dog active and intelligent.

Canine competition obedience is a real and competitive dog sport for canines that takes place within a course specially designed for canine dogs.

I stopped by an obedience training camp a few years ago. I remember just being amazed.

They make jumps, travel over different hurdles, run through soft tunnels, and navigate through many different walkways all in a particular order.

In Canine competition obedience when that dog is in a business mode, it can truly look like enchantment.

With each gesture of the handler’s head or range of her arm, the canine reacts with an eager burst of movement or a quick end or down.

Canine and handler float together in the perfect matchup as the judge watches everything and the group of spectators assembled outside the ring discreetly respect the dog and handlers execution.

Competition obedience classes are where understudies wanting to demonstrate their dogs for obedience titles and must begin here.

The obedience class is a six-week course and includes both the dog and the handler. Some portion of the class will be spent without the canine and only the handler.





What kind of obedience training will the class cover?

Competition obedience classes should cover all below and more.

  • Drop On Recall
  • Figure 8
  • Retrieving
  • Stand For Examination
  • High jump
  • Broad jump
  • Heeling Off Leash
  • Out of site sit & stays
  • Scent article work
  • Hand signals

Competition obedience equipment needed for a training class

  • Training collar
  • Dumbell
  • 4 to 6-foot leash
  • Soft treats
  • Any training aids that have been recommended or that you know work for your dog


Obedience Championship – Dogs


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Crissie Franklin

Awesome obedience show. thank you for sharing this video

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