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Dog Sports – Flyball for Dogs

flyball for dogs

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Flyball for Dogs

Flyball for Dogs are really sports loving animals and they really love to play various kinds of games with their trainers.

The outdoor activities are useful for keeping the dogs energetic and healthy.

Hence, different kinds of dog sports are recommended for pet dogs, among which flyball competition is considered to be the foremost.  

Procedures followed while playing Flyball for dogs

Actually, it is a form of race, in which the dogs play in teams and run fast over the race track.

Each team consists of four dogs and it is much similar to the relay race played by people in sports.

The racing track for flyball championship consists of four hurdles, each of which are placed at a distance of 10 feet from the other ones.

The first hurdle is placed at a distance of 6 feet from the starting point, while the last hurdle is 15 feet away from the finishing flyball box, making the total racing track distance of 51 feet.

The heights of all these hurdles are determined according to the height of the shortest dog participating in this championship.

flyball dog breeds

The organizers of this kind of sport need to arrange the flyball equipment, which comprises of four balls for each team of dogs, flyball box, and the hurdle rods.

Every dog needs to run and jump over all the four hurdles one by one and reaching the flyball box at the finishing point.

There the dog should hit this box to get out a ball, which it should carry in its mouth back to the starting line.

Once, it reaches the starting line, and then only the next member of its team can start running this race.

The total time taken by each team for completing the race is counted for awarding some points to each team, which decide the final winning team.


Benefits of playing flyball for the dogs


First of all, flyball for dogs is known to be the best sport for improving the activity of the participant dogs and making them healthier and more energetic.

Therefore, most vets recommend the dog owners to encourage their pets to participate in this specific dog sport.

There is no specification regarding the flyball dog breeds, as all breeds of dogs can happily participate in this competition.

However, the dogs will need to be certified by a vet to be fit for participating in this competition.

Hence, the owners will know about the fitness level of their pet dogs and in case of any physical problem detected,  

immediate actions can be taken to cure the dogs and make them fit again.

The dogs can mingle with various other dogs of different breeds and this competition helps them to be social among their own kinds.

Thus, the dogs become friendlier and more loveable in nature towards their masters and other humans.

Moreover, it boosts the confidence of these dogs, when they are awarded prizes for participating in this sport.

Flyball has gained huge popularity among the dog owners for achieving the overall physical and psychological benefits of their dear pets. 


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My wife and I love to watch flyball competitions. This was a great post on the topic thank you for sharing

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